Teach PA History
Writing American Diaries
What to Know
Teaching Time
Five 45 minute sessions
Grade Level
Elementary School
  • History
Historical Period
  • New Nation - 1761-1800
This lesson will introduce the concept of historical perspective. By reading the diary of Sally Wister, a Patriot girl living in the Philadelphia area during the Revolutionary War, students will learn about the life of colonists who were Revolutionaries. In this lesson, students will learn to incorporate different points of view that encompassed the American experience during the Revolutionary War. Journal writing techniques will be stressed throughout the lesson.


#1 Comprehend the different perspectives of Patriots, Tories, and Quakers during the American Revolution. #2 Demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of the issue of American independence. #3 Write as a fictional character, using the knowledge they have learned to express the life of their character. #4 Present their character's unique opinion and situation to their classmates.

Standards Alignment

  • History

    8.1.6. B. Explain and analyze historical sources.
    8.1.6. C. Explain the fundamentals of historical interpretation.
    8.2.6. B. Identify and explain primary documents, material artifacts and historic sites important in Pennsylvania history from Beginnings to 1824
    8.2.6 D. Identifies conflicts and cooperation among social groups and organizations in Pennsylvania history from beginnings to 1824
    8.3.6. D. Identify conflict and cooperation among groups.

  • Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening

    1.1.5. D. Identify the basic ideas and facts in text using strategies.
    1.1.5. F. Identify, understand the meaning of and use correctly key vocabulary from various subject areas.
    1.1.5. H. Demonstrate fluency and comprehension in reading.
    1.2.5. A. Read and understand essential content of informational texts and documents in all academic areas.
    1.5.5. B. Write using well-developed content appropriate for the topic.

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