Teach PA History
A Shot in the Backwoods of Pennsylvania Sets the World Afire
What to Know
Teaching Time
Three class periods
Grade Level
High School
  • History
Historical Period
  • Colonization and Settlement - 1601-1760
  • New Nation - 1761-1800
Students will learn the background of the French and Indian War in Western Pennsylvania. Through the examination of the travels of George Washington to the Western Pennsylvania area in the years 1753-1754, students will uncover the events that led up to the outbreak of war in North America. Furthermore, students will use primary documents to comprehend actions that Washington undertook in critical situations (Jumonville Affair), and to understand how different viewpoints on an event can have an impact far beyond the immediate occurrence of the act. Students will be able to discuss and understand the events surrounding Washington's trip to Ft. LeBoeuf and the conflicting claims of ownership between France and England to the Ohio Country, as well as the Jumonville Affair.


1. Be able to discuss the reasons for Washington's mission to Ft. LeBoeuf. 2. Understand and discuss the economic and political importance of the Ohio Valley to the French and English. 3. Discuss and explain the conflicting claims to ownership of the Ohio Valley by the contesting parties. 4. Connect cause and effect relationships and how they impact history. 5. Compare and contrast how important historical events can be interpreted differently.

Standards Alignment

  • History

    8.1.12. A. Evaluate chronological thinking.
    8.1.12. B. Synthesize and evaluate historical sources.
    8.1.12. C. Evaluate historical interpretation of events.
    8.1.12. D. Synthesize historical research.
    8.2.12. A. Evaluate the political and cultural contributions of individuals and groups to Pennsylvania history from 1890 to Present.

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