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Story Credits
Lewis and Clark in Pennsylvania
Story Credits:

Authors: Kenneth Finkel, with the assistance of Charles Hardy III, West Chester University

Captions: Charles Hardy III and Marie Brown Wilson

Digital Rights and Image Research: Marie Brown Wilson with the assistance of Charles Hardy III

Video: WITF, Inc.

Interactive: "The Peale Museum," James Booth (designer), The State Museum of Pennsylvania, and Charles Hardy III.

Lesson Plans:
Elementary School:
Plants for Pleasure and Profit, by Joyce Ostertag and Carrie Curtis

Mapping the West, by Joyce Ostertag

Middle School:
Captain Lewis and his Medicine Bag, by Ellen Crowley

Philadelphia's Important Contribution to the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by Ellen Crowley and Carrie Curtis

High School:
Interview with Meriwether Lewis, by Rosemary Decker

Today We Encountered the White Man, by Carrie Curtis

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