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Mining Anthracite
Story Credits:

Authors: Rachel Batch, Widener University, with contributions by Dan Cupper, Charles Hardy III, Thomas J. Misa, and William Pencak.

Captions: Charles Hardy III, Martha Hall, PHMC Division of History, and Marie Brown Wilson.

Digital Rights, Image Research, and Image Gallery: Marie Brown Wilson with the assistance of Martha Hall and Amy Brigham, WITF, Inc.

Video: WITF, Inc.

Audio: WHYY, Inc.

Interactive: WITF, Inc.

Content Ingestion: Matrix and Marie Brown Wilson

Related Attractions: PHMC Division of History

Lesson Plans:
Elementary School:
Carbondale: The Biography of a Coal Town, by Shannon Mocharko

Middle School:
Lattimer Massacre: What's Beneath the Surface?, by Elizabeth Lewis

High School:
Patchtowns: Big Industry, Little Towns, by Harvey Loucks

American Canal and Transportation Center
Anthracite Heritage Museum
The Catholic University of America, Department of Archives, Manuscripts, and Museum Collections,
Luzerne County Historical Society
National Canal Museum, Easton, PA
Pennsylvania State Archives
Pennsylvania State University Libraries, Books and Manuscripts, Special Collections Library, the John O'Hara Collection
Syracuse University, George Arents Research Library
University of Maryland
Wyoming Historical and Geological Society
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