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Story Credits
The Struggle Against Slavery: The Abolition Movement and Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania
Story Credits:

Authors: PHMC Division of History in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Historical Association and independent contractors.  Marker essay contributions by Marie Denlinger, Dennis Downey, and William Pencak.

Captions: Martha Hall and PHMC Division of History
and Charlie Hardy with the assistance of Marie Brown Wilson

Digital Rights and Image Research: Martha Hall with the assistance of Amy Brigham
and Marie Brown Wilson with the assistance of Charlie Hardy

Digital Content Ingestion: Matrix
Related Attractions: PHMC Division of History

Video: WITF, Inc.

Audio: WHYY, Inc. and WITF, Inc.

Interactive: WITF, Inc.

Lesson Plans:

Elementary School
How Far to Freedom?, by Harriet Douple

Middle School
There Were Many Paths to Freedom by Don Roberts

High School
150 Years of Abolition in Pennsylvania, by James Kearney

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Delaware Art Museum
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National Afro-American Museum and
National Portrait Gallery
Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture.
Washington County Historical Society
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