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The Philadelphia Campaign
Story Credits:

Authors: PHMC Division of History in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Historical Association and independent contractors. Brandywine Chapter and Marker essays by John Smith III

Captions: Marie Brown Wilson, Charles Hardy III, and others

Digital Rights and Image Research: Marie Brown Wilson and Charles Hardy III

Digital Content Ingestion: Matrix

Related Attractions: PHMC Division of History

Video: WITF, Inc.

Audio: WHYY, Inc.

Lesson Plans
Elementary School:
Writing American Diaries, by Page Fahrig Pendse

Middle School:
The Battle of Brandywine, by Jane Dries

High School
The Decisive Victory: Philadelphia and the Winning of the War for American Independence, Sue Donley, etal.

Brian Hunt Commercial Photography
Chester County Planning Commission
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Library Company of Philadelphia
Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee
Pennsylvania State Archives
The Hill School, Pottstown, PA; photographed by C.C.F. Ga
University of Chicago Library and Filson Historical Society, The First American West Collection
Valley Forge Historical Society
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