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The French and Indian War in Pennsylvania
Story Credits:

Author: Timothy Shannon, Gettysburg College

Captions: Martha Hall, PHMC Division of History, and Marie Brown Wilson

Digital Rights and Image Research: Martha Hall with the assistance of Amy Brigham. Marie Brown Wilson.

Video: WITF, Inc.

Audio: WHYY, Inc.and WITF, Inc.

Interactive: "Map of Fort Duquesne – 1754-175," WITF. Inc

Related Attractions: Kim Similo
Digital Content Ingestion: Matrix

Lesson Plans:
Elementary School:
George Washington and the Beginnings of the French and Indian War, by Judy Morgan

Middle School:
Bushy Run: A decisive battle of Pontiac's Rebellion, by Judy Morgan

High School:
A Shot in the Backwoods of Pennsylvania Sets the World Afire, by Gordon Barry Davis, Jr

Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
Fort Ligonier
Museum at Fort Ticonderoga
Paramount Press, Inc.
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Pennsylvania State Archives
Robert Griffing
State Historical Society of Wisconsin
University of Pittsburgh Press
Valley Forge Historical Society

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