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Set Apart: Religious Communities in Pennsylvania
Story Credits:

Authors: Steven Gimber, Stephanie Hurter, Patricia Brett, and Charles Hardy III, West Chester University

Captions: Marie Brown Wilson, Martha Hall, and PHMC Division of History

Digital Rights, Image Research and Image Gallery: Martha Hall with the assistance of Amy Brigham and
Marie Brown Wilson

Video: WITF, Inc.

Audio: WITF, Inc.

Interactive: WITF, Inc.

Related Attractions: PHMC Division of History

Digital Content Ingestion: Matrix

Lesson Plans:
Elementary School:
The Moravians: What Does It Take to Build a Religious Community? , by Elizabeth Myers and Harriet Douple

Middle School:
Daily Life in Pennsylvania's Historic Cloistered Religious Communities, by James Kearney

High School:
Religious Communities: 19th Century Harmonists, by Steve Bullick

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