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Labor's Struggle to Organize
Story Credits:

Author: Cathy Matson, University of Delaware, with contributions by Charles Hardy III and Steven Gimber, West Chester University; Dan Cupper; Thomas J. Misa, University of Minnesota; Susan Friedman and William Pencak, Penn State University; William Sisson, Curt Miner, and John Zwierzyna, Pennsylvania State Museum; John Kenly Smith, Jr., Lehigh University; and Dennis Downey, Millersville University.

Captions: Charles Hardy III, West Chester University, with the assistance of Cathy Matson and Marie Brown Wilson
Digital Rights, Image Research, and Image Galleries: Marie Brown Wilson with the assistance of Cathy Matson and Charles Hardy



Lesson Plans:
Lesson Plan Coordinator: Carrie Iams

Elementary School: Mr. Coal's Story: An Appeal to End Child Labor, by Jeffery Nolt

Middle School: The Most Dangerous Woman in America? The Mock Trial of Mary Harris "Mother" Jones, by Maria Vita

High School: The Outrage of Ordinary Men: Pennsylvania's Role in the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, by Cynthia Greene

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Carnegie Museum of Art
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Daily Courier, Connellsville, PA
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Hershey Community Archives
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
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John Mosley Collection
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WITF, Inc. staff

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