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Story Credits
Baseball In Pennsylvania
Story Credits:

Authors: Jeff Silverman with the assistance of Charles Hardy III, West Chester University.

Captions: Charles Hardy III and Jeff Silverman, with the assistance of Marie Brown Wilson and Richard Saylor

Digital Rights and Image Research: Marie Brown Wilson with the assistance of Charles Hardy III

Image Gallery: "Little League World Series Gallery," Marie Brown Wilson

Video: WITF, Inc.

Interactive: "Pennsylvania All Stars," by University of the Arts

Related Attractions: Kim Similo

Content Ingestion: Marie Brown Wilson and Matrix

Lesson Plans:
Editing and Final Preparations: Carrie Curtis Iams

Baseball Cards, by Megan Kissinger

Onomastics (Ono-what?) of Baseball Team Names and Mascots: What's In a Name?, by Megan Kissinger

Middle School:
On the Other Side of the Color Barrier: Segregation and the Negro Leagues,by Laura Smith and Carrie Curtis

Experience the Challenge of Being Pete Gray, by William Kashatus

High School:
Show Me the Money: Labor/Management Issues in Professional Baseball, by Deborah Ciamacca

The Legacy of Pete Gray, by William Kashatus

The African American Museum in Philadelphia
Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia
Baseball Almanac
Carl E. Stotz Archives
Chester County Historical Society
Chicago Historical Society, Chicago Daily News Negatives Collection
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
Jon Smith/Williamsport Crosscutters
Major League Baseball
Mark Rucker/ Transcendental Graphics
Metro Data Inc.
National Baseball Hall of Fame Library
Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
Paula Heiman
Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society
Pennsylvania State Archives
Rivers of Steel Archives
Robert D. Warrington
The Sporting News
University of Nebraska Press
William Weible
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