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A Diversity of Industries
Story Credits:

Authors: John Kenly Smith, Jr., Lehigh University, with the assistance of Tom Dublin and Charles Hardy III, and contributions by William Pencak.

Captions: Marie Brown Wilson with the assistance of Charles Hardy III and W. Cary Eberly.

Digital Rights, Image Research, and Image Galleries: Marie Brown Wilson with the assistance of John Smith

Related Attractions: Kim Samilo

Digital Content Ingestion: Corrine Macauley and Marie Brown Wilson

Lesson Plans:
Elementary School:
From Rags to (Paper) Riches: Explore Colonial Papermaking,, by Jeffery Nolt

Middle School:
W. Atlee Burpee and the "Seeds" of Becoming an Entrepreneur, by Carrie Curtis and Cynthia Greene

High School:
John Wanamaker and his "New Kind of Store", by John Castaldo

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