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Science and Invention
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Authors: Charles Hardy III with Steven Gimber, West Chester University, and contributions by Brian Butko, Chris Dougherty, Cary Eberly, Timothy Kehm, Nina Long,  Andy Maynard, and Marianne Rahn-Erickson.

Captions: Charles Hardy III with the assistance of Marie Brown Wilson

Image Research, Rights, and Preparation: Marie Brown Wilson with the assistance of Charles Hardy III

Related Attractions: Kim M. Ross

Digital Content Ingestion: Marie Brown Wilson, Bill Wilson, and Corrine Maccauley

Lesson Plans:
Editing and Final Preparations: Carrie Curtis Iams

Elementary School
Invention Convention: Becoming Pennsylvania's Next Great Inventor, by Jeffrey Nolt

Middle School
The Missing Piece: A Tale of a Tail,by Kristin L. Chilcote

High School
Our Eye in the Sky: The TIROS Weather Satellite, by Gretchen Sutch and Carrie Curtis

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