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King Coal: Mining Bituminous
Story Credits:

Authors: William Sisson and Curt Miner with the assistance of Thomas Dublin, and contributions by Charles Hardy III and Thomas J. Misa.

Image Research, Rights, and Preparation: Marie Brown Wilson, with the assistance of William Sisson

Captions: Charles Hardy III and Marie Brown Wilson with the assistance of Thomas Dublin, William Sisson, the Staff at the Coal and Coke Heritage Center, Penn State, Fayette, Elaine Hunchuck DeFrank, and the oral histories of coal miners and their families.

Image Galleries: Marie Brown Wilson

Videos: Footage courtesy of Silver Cinders, the Legacy of Coal and Coke in Southwestern Pa., Cultural Heritage Research Services, Inc. (CHRS) and Branch Valley Video Productions, 2000.

Related Attractions: Kim Samilo

Digital Content Ingestion: Russ Neff and Marie Brown Wilson

Lesson Plans:
Elementary School:
Life in a Coal Patch, by Sarah McCollum

Middle School:
Edible Coal Mining, by Deborah Pro

High School:
Working Where the Sun Never Shines, by Kristin L. Chilcote

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