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Story Credits
The Indians of Pennsylvania
Story Credits:

Author: Timothy Shannon, Gettysburg College, with contributions by Steven Gimber, West Chester University

Image Research, Rights, and Preparation: Marie Brown Wilson and Charles Hardy III

Captions: Charles Hardy III, Timothy Shannon, and Stephen G. Warfel, with the assistance of Marie Brown Wilson.

Image Galleries: Charles Hardy, Stephen G. Warfel, and Marie Brown Wilson

Interactive: James Booth, The Pennsylvania State Museum.

Video: Angel Hernandez and Sovanna Mam

Related Attractions: Kim Samilo

Digital Content Ingestion: Russ Neff and Marie Brown Wilson

Lesson Plans:
Elementary School:
Mary's Choice: To Go or Stay?, by by Lillian Hynes Martin, Sue Baldwin-Way, and Carrie Curtis

Middle School:
Cornplanter and the Fate of His Land, by Carrie Curtis and original concept by Oliver McComsey

High School:
Kill the Indian, Save the Man!, by Carrie Curtis and Steve Silva

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