Arman Leo - Fought in 7 Major Campaigns
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Arman Leo - Camp Hill, Fought in 7 Major Campaigns

WITF - Harrisburg

Scott LaMar:
Arman Leo of Camp Hill is a born story teller
Arman Leo:
The first time that we fixed bayonets I damn near sh*t myself
On Anzio for instance there is nobody in front of me. There's some guys on the side and all those Germans were pointing their guns at me. Now I got…there was 18 million people at the service at any one time all of them are behind me and all those Germans are pointing at me not those guys behind me. I tell that and it's the truth.
Scott LaMar:
What Leo remembers most is Anzio an Italian costal city south of Rome, where American and British forces were outnumbered from January to May of 1944.
Arman Leo:
If there ever was a hell hole that was it. You could not move in the daytime. If you stuck your head out somebody shot at ya. That's all there was to it.
We lost a lot of good people there.
Scott LaMar:
It was another memory that was much more painful.
Arman Leo:
I had a machine gun there I even killed… Some of our own people there. Because the night before I shot up the Germans. The Americans had a patrol out come back in I asked for the password no answer so I opened out and killed two of ours. But strange things do happen in a war.
Scott LaMar:
Arman Leo fought in a remarkable seven major campaigns and was awarded a silver and a bronze star.
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