Severin Fayerman - Holocaust Survivor
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Severin Fayerman, Wyomissing, PA - Holocaust Survivor

WITF, Harrisburg

Severin Fayerman:
I'm Severin Fayerman and I was born in Poland. And one beautiful Sunday morning, the family was arrested and were taken to Auschwitz.
The life in the camp was an absolute nightmare. The work I was assigned to upon my arrival was digging trenches.
Close to 6 million people were gassed and cremated in Auschwitz. The remains the bones and also ashes had to be buried. It was hard work. 8 to 10 hours a day on a very meager ration.
I think the most important lessons from it is, we would not want to repeat this ever again. So when ever another demigod comes up and starts hatreds against some minorities, let's remember what has happened uh during the Holocaust.
These people have not died in vain.
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