Search Tips

To employ the search, enter a keyword or keywords into the field and click the Search button. The tool will search the pages of ExplorePAhistory, including informational stories, historical markers, lesson plans, Pennsylvania region pages and tourist attractions.

Quotation Marks

When you use more than one keyword, all keywords will be matched, but not necessarily in the order you specified. For instance, a search for civil war will retrieve all results that contain both civil and war, but the results may not contain the phrase civil war. Searching for "civil war" will return the results that have the phrase civil war in them.

Boolean Searching

You may use Boolean search terms (AND and OR) to narrow down your search results. If you would like to search for a phrase with either of these words in it, you must eclose the phrase in quotation marks. You may also negate terms using the minus sign (-).

Partial Matches

The search will match any terms in the search, and will also match any words that contain search terms, even if the term is only part of the word. If you are getting too many results, try surrounding your search phrase in quotation marks.


The search results are displayed in order of relevance. Pages that appear first in the search results contain your keyword either the most often on the page or within the title of the page.

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