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Laurel Highlands
Allegheny Ridge

Conquering the Ridge...
Allegheny Ridge MapIt must have seemed like an insurmountable obstacle to the early pioneers looking to expand Pennsylvania's canal system west -- a 1200-foot ridge rising above the Altoona and Hollidaysburg area. But in feats of engineering that would come to symbolize American technical prowess and the emergence of Pennsylvania as an industrial giant, The Allegheny Portage Railroad and later, the Horseshoe Curve were constructed to conquer the Allegheny Ridge and open the west for canal boats, and eventually, the railroad.

Johnstown - Steel City...
Visitors to Johnstown will not want to miss an incredible journey into the lives of the people who worked to conquer the ridge and who helped to build the American dream at the Johnstown Heritage Discovery Center. Learn how the lives of those early settlers were irrevocably changed by the Johnstown Flood of 1889 and today the Johnstown Flood National Memorial and the Johnstown Flood Museum tell the story of the disaster and the sagas of those who lived through this horrific event.

Hollidaysburg - Canal Era...
People and goods traveling on the Pennsylvania Canal in the 1830's were transferred at Hollidaysburg to the Allegheny Portage Railroad for their trip over the mountains. This made the town an important stop on the trip west. Today, a visit to the Old Canal Inn, the U.S. Hotel and the Canal Worker's House can take you back in time to a remarkable period in our history.

Portage - On the Main Line...
Portage began as a mountain hotel and resting place on the Allegheny Portage and Pennsylvania Railroads. The Portage Station Museum, Braemer Cottage, which belonged to Andrew Carnegie, and the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club are just some of the must-see destinations here.

Windber - Kingdom of Coal...
The Allegheny Ridge State Heritage Park also celebrates the region's iron, steel, and coal industries which prospered as a result of the Ridge's conquest. The Coal Heritage Center in Windber introduces visitors to mining heritage, while a short trip to the Eureka 40 Mine Overlook offers a view of a "coal patch" community and an adjacent mine complex.

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