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Original Document
Advertisements for Slave Sales at the London Coffee House, The Pennsylvania Gazette, 1758-1774.

"ON Saturday next will be sold at publick Vendue, at the London Coffee house, about Noon, A very strong likely Negroe Boy, about 17 Years old, has had the small pox, understands taking Care of Horses perfectly, can lay Cloth, and wait on Table for a Gentleman Family, and can do every Part of hard Labour. He will be put up at Fifty Pounds, and not under. Enquire of Mr. JUDAH FOULKE."
                                                 The Pennsylvania Gazette, May 04, 1758.

By public Vendue, at the London Coffee house, on Saturday the 8th Day of October at 11 o'Clock, if not sold before at private Sale, A Likely healthy Negroe Wench, about 24 Years of Age, this Country born, has had the Small Pox, and Measles, understands Town and Country Business well, can Wash, Iron, Cook very well. For further Particulars enquire of JOHN MERRIT, on Society hill, in Almond street, near the Blue bell."
                                                 The Pennsylvania Gazette, September 29, 1763.

On Saturday the 27th Instant, at the London Coffee House, TWELVE or Fourteen valuable NEGROES, consisting of young Men, Women, Boys and Girls; they have all had the Small Pox, can talk English, and are seasoned to the Country. The Sale to begin at Twelve o'Clock."
                                                  The Pennsylvania Gazette, July 18, 1765.

"Philadelphia, August 24, 1774.
THE subscriber is now wanting a number of NEGROES, men, women, boys or girls, farmers, house Negroes, or tradesmen, that are real slaves, and good titles; all persons that have such to dispose of, please to apply to me, at the London Coffee house, on market days, from eleven o' to one, at other times at my house, the north end of Second street, opposite to the Bath. Should I be gone in the country, please to leave descriptions of the Negroes, and where to be found, with Mr. JOHN YOUNG, junior, sadler, in Market street."
                                                The Pennsylvania Gazette, August 31, 1774.

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