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Opposition to the State Financing of Railroads, 1851.


The Governor's organ is still harping about the Governor having paid off the State debt, and reducing the taxes. If the taxes have been reduced, why is it that every farmer finds that he has paid MORE TAXES the last year than he has ever paid in a single year before? We have shown from the records that the taxes have been largely increased under Johnston's administration. This clamor and falsehood about the reduction of the debt and lessening the taxes is all gammon, and only intended to divert attention from a sore subject. The true issue is that Gov. Johnston and his friends created the debt that made the sinking fund necessary.

The people remember that Gov. Johnston voted $405,000 to the Gettysburg railroad.

They remember that he voted $75,000 to the Kittanning feeder.

They remember that he voted $133,000 to the Sinnemahoning extension.

They remember that voted $150,000 to the Danville and Pottsville railroad.

They remember that he voted $140,000 to the Laughlintown and Pittsburg railroad, that never was incorporated.

They remember that he voted $120,000 to the Norristown railroad.
They remember that he voted $400,000 to the Union Canal.

They remember that he voted for a bill appropriating over THREE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to State and company improvements in one year, and that Gov. Ritner said that such appropriations would increase the State debt, in four years, to $45,000,000.

And, lastly, they remember that if it had not been for this kind of extravagance by Gov. Johnston, Thaddeus Stevens and Co., there would have been no necessity for establishing a sinking fund.


Credit: Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA., Monday, October 6, 1851.
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