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Original Document
Sale of a Pennsylvania Farm, 1792

On Tuesday, the 16th day of October next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, will be exposed to sale by PUBLIC VENDUE, at the house of William Witman, (late Ginley's tavern) about five miles above the White Horse tavern, on the road leading from Philadelphia to Reading.

That very valuable Estate, known by the name of
Situate partly in Robinson and partly in Union townships,
in the county of Berks, consisting of the following
Tracts of Land, Messuages, Buildings,
Mills, Forges, &c. viz.

No. 1. CONTAINING Two Hundred acres, Ninety of which are excellent meadow, and the remainder good plough land: an old orchard, and a new one, consisting of Four Hundred young thriving apple trees. On this tract are erected a large stone dwelling house, spring and smoak houses, two large stone barns, a convenient stable near the mansion: a well-built new grist mill, with two pair of burr and two pair of country stones: a large a commodious house for the miller, with a store adjoining: one large forge with three fires and two hammers for making, and one smaller ditto for drawing iron, both in complete order, being well provided with all the implements necessary for manufacturing iron: a convenient roomy stone dwelling house for the manager, with a large kitchen adjoining, and a spring house, carpenter and smith's shops, with a sufficient number of comfortable stone tenements for the accommodation of the different workmen, and gardens attached to each of them: a good saw mill, with tools necessary for working it. All the above described buildings are on or near the waters of Hay creek, which runs through the tract, and the forges are capable of making 200 tons of bar iron annually. There are also on this tract, two good farm houses, at present in the tenure of two industrious farmers.

No. 2. Containing 1357 acres of land, the greater part of which is in wood. On this and part of No. 1. are two good farms, at present occupied by tenants. On one of which are erected a new stone dwelling house and barn.

No. 3. Containing 202 acres, with a large front on the river Schuylkill. On this tract are a farm house, barn and stables, with a good spring house: also a large stone dwelling house, stable, &c. There are about 16 acres of meadow, and more may be made at a small expence: at present occupied by two tenants.

No. 4. Containing 232 acres, at present occupied by a tenant. On this tract are a farm house and good stone barn: all the above farms have orchards of apple trees.

No. 5. A small tract of 40 acres, at a small distance from No. 3. The wood has been cut off this piece. An island of about two and an half acres, in the Schuylkill, near the mansion house, where there is an excellent shad fishery.

All the farms are in a high state of cultivation. There is a large quantity of wood, sufficient for coal for many years, and large quantities are annually offered for sale by the neighbouring farmers. There are several furnaces within a few miles of the premises, particularly Hopewell, which is only five miles from the forges. The advantages these works will reap from the proposed Canal, will be great: they lying on the Schuylkill, and only forty-five miles from Philadelphia. In the present state of the river, there is a considerable saving made by water carriage in the spring and fall seasons, and when the river is cleared, it may be expected the carriage by water may be performed nearly the whole year.

Further information concerning the premises may be had of Miers Fisher and Hilary Baker, esquires, in Philadelphia, or the subscriber on the premises. The terms of sale will be made known at the time and place of sale, by CADWALADER MORRIS.

Credit: The Pennsylvania Gazette, September 5, 1792
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