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Original Document
Conclusion to Violet Oakley's "The Holy Experiment," 1922.

IN THE SPRING OF 1927 THE PAINTINGS IN THE SUPREME Court Room were completed; they were unveiled at the end of May, and the following month I sailed for Europe on my determined way to the City of Geneva, where I wished to observe the development of International Law–the Seventh Note in my Musical "Scale of The Law", and where I finally arrived on the first of September, in time for the Opening of the Eighth Annual Assembly of The League of Nations.

It seemed to be the same clear and simple "Inner Light" that had led me through the intricacies of History and Politics during the development of the Pennsylvania Paintings which at Geneva inspired the effort to make some record of the heroic men and women there striving together to rebuild the shattered world; and to bring this record back with me to my own country to aid in awakening more interest and faith in the work of unification of the Peoples of the earth which was going on at Geneva.

THUS William Penn seemed to have gone in advance and prepared the way for the study of the People now carrying out his own far distant Vision of a Parliament of Nations, the study I was to make during the months of September and October in 1927, '28, and '29. . . .

Credit: Violet Oakley, "The Holy Experiment; A Message to the World from Pennsylvania" (Philadelphia: Privately Printed by Violet Oakley, 1922).
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