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Original Document
Governor Thomas Mifflin, From an address to a Joint Session of the State Legislature Regarding the Building of a Road Between the the "Middle Counties and the Metropolis," December 10, 1791. 

The improvement of our roads and inland navigation will, I am persuaded, continue to be a favorite object with the Legislature……While I offer these remarks, I am aware, Gentleman, that the want of a good and permanent road is, at present, the principal defect in the communication between the middle counties and the metropolis. The steps which are taking, however, in pursuance of the legislative resolution of the 30th day of September last, to remedy this inconsistency, have met with universal approbation, and I hope the Commissioners who were appointed to make proper surveys between Philadelphia and Lancaster will enable me, previously to the adjournment of the session, to lay a plan before you which, corresponding in its execution with your views and the wishes of our fellow citizens, may lead to the establishment of a general system of well constructed and well regulated roads.

Credit: Bob Goshorn, “The Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike Road Company,” Tredyffrin Easttown Historical Society History Quarterly Digital Archives 23:1 (January 1985): 26.
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