Original Document
Original Document
Citizens of Lancaster County Call for the Building of a Road Between Their County and Philadelphia, January 29, 1730-1. 

A Petition of the Magistrates, Grand Jury & other Inhabitants of the County of Lancaster, was presented to the Board & read, setting forth that not having the Conveniency of any navigable water, for bringing the Produce of their Labours to Philadelphia, they are obliged at a great Expence to transport them by Land Carriage, which Burthen becomes heavier thro" the Want of suitable Roads for Carriages to pass. That there are no public Roads leading to Philadelphia yet laid out thro" their county, and those in Chester County thro" which they now pass are in many places incommodious. And, therefore, praying that that proper Persons may be appointed to view & lay out a Road for the Publick Service, from the town of Lancaster till it falls in with the high Road in the County of Chester, leading to the Ferry of Schuylkill at high street, & that a Review may be had of the said Publick Road in the County of Chester; The Prayer of which Petition being granted.

Credit: Minutes of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania, vol.3 (Philadelphia: Jo. Severns’ & Co., 1852): 394.
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