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Original Document
Joseph C. Bustill, three letters to William Still, 1856. 

Harrisburg, March 24, 1856

Friend Still:

I suppose ere you have seen those five large and three small packages I sent by way of Reading, consisting of three men and women and children. They arrived here this morning at 8:30 [am] o'clock and left twenty minutes past three [PM]. You will please send me any information likely to prove interesting in relation to them. Lately we have formed a society here called the Fugitive Slave Society. This is our first case, and I hope it will prove entirely successful. When you write, please inform me what signs or symbol you make use of in your dispatches, and any other information in relation to operations of the UR. Our reason for sending by the Reading Road, was to gain time; it is expected the owners will be in town this afternoon and by this Road we gained five hours' time, which is a matter of much importance, and we may have occasion to use it sometime in future. In great haste.

Yours with great respect,
Joseph C. Bustill

Harrisburg, May 26, 1856

Friend Still:

I embrace the opportunity presented by the visit of our friend, John F. Williams, to drop you a few lines in relation to our future operations. The Lightning Train was put on the Road last Monday, and as the traveling season has commenced and this is the southern route for Niagara Falls, I have concluded not to send by way of Auburn, except in cases of great danger; but hereafter we will use the Lightning Train, which leaves here at 1 1 /2 and arrives in your city at 5 o'clock in the morning, and I will telegraph about 5 1/2 o'clock in the afternoon, so it may reach you before you close. These four are the only ones that have come since my last. The woman has been here some time waiting for her child and her beau, which she expects here about the first of June. If possible, please keep knowledge of her whereabouts, to enable me to inform him if he comes. I have nothing more to send you, except that John Fiery has visited us again and much to his chagrin received the information of their being in Canada.

Yours as ever,
Joseph C. Bustill

Harrisburg, May 31St 1856

Wm. Still, N. 5th St. [Philadelphia]:

I have sent via [sic] at two o'clock four large and two small hams.

Jos. C. Bustill

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