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Original Document
R. G. Dun & Co. Report on William Goodridge, circa 1863.

Wm Goodridge York Fancy Goods
July/45 Mulatto. Trades extensively, Little capital Has extensive property holdings but encumbered. Industrious but not pushed.
Oct/45 - Credit moderate, industrious and attentive, has a Barber shop car on RR, deals in Jewels, Oyster Co., Printer, Toys. Prompt in payment. In Bus 12 years.
Feb 46/July 46 - no change.
June 48 A colored man worth 20m - close, shrewd, attentive and safe for contracts
July/49 Shrewd and thrifty Making money and likely to go on doing so. Very safe for a reasonable amount.
Mch/50 same.
June/50 Smart and shrewd, worth money but hard to tell how much, probably 10 or 15m/Houses and lot.
Mrch/51 Age 50 owns RE, very good, safe
May/52 Well off. Built our finest store here, Honest and Safe
Ag/1852. Has a great many irons in the fire but seems to be making money, runs a train of cars on the Columbia RR Cr and character good, owns a large amt of property and is supposed to be rich.
Ag/53 Same, has been purchasing land in Canada …
Ag 58 failed….
April 1863, Failed some time ago and has not recovered, worth 00 and heavy in debt.

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