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Original Document
Martin Delany, Letter to William Lloyd Garrison, May 14, 1852.

MY DEAR SIR:--I thank you most kindly, for the very favorable and generous notice you have taken of my hastily written book.  This, to many, may appear singular, that the author of a work should send words of thanks to an editor for his notice of him but this favor of yours come so opportune, that it seems like a God-send.
The errors and deficiencies, which you are pleased to pass by unnoticed—Justly taking my prefatory apology as sufficient—I have corrected, and will so appear in the next issue, shortly to come out.  The corrections you make concerning yourself, I shall add as a NOTE at the conclusion of the work.
I thank those editors of Philadelphia and elsewhere, who have favorably noticed this work, and would add, that the ever good, generous Gerrit Smith has sent me a letter of approval of the work in general.
 I am not in favor of caste, nor a separation of the brotherhood of mankind, and would as willingly live among white men as black, if I had an equal possession and enjoyment of privileges; but shall never be reconciled to live among them, subservient to their will—existing by mere sufferance, as we, the colored people, do, in this country. 

The majority of white men cannot see why colored men cannot be satisfied with their condition in Massachusetts—what they desire more than the granted right of citizenship.  Blind selfishness on the one hand, and deep prejudice on the other, will not permit them to understand that we desire the exercise and enjoyment of these rights, as well as the name of their possession.  If there were any probability of this, I should be willing to remain in the country, fighting and struggling on, the good fight of faith.  But I must admit, that I have no hopes have written as I have done.  Heathenism and Liberty, before Christianity and Slavery.
                                        Were I a slave, I would be free,
                                         I would not live to live a slave;
                                      But boldly strike for LIBERTY—
                                         For FREEDOM or a Martyr’s grave.
                                                Yours for God and Humanity,

                                                                        M. R. DELANY

Credit: Martin R. Delany, “Letter From Dr. Delany.  Philadelphia, May 14, 1852,” The Liberator, May 21, 1852.
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