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Original Document
John Sellers' advertisement for wire work, 1769.

MADE and SOLD by the subscriber, in Darby, various kinds of WIRE WORK, such as twilled or plain, as may best suit their purposes; rolling screens for cleaning wheat, consisting of four various sorts of wire, each calculated to the greatest exactness, and found, from long experience, to answer the purpose; rolling screens for cleaning flaxseed from the yellow or wild seed; small bolts for separating the cockle from the flaxseed; or bolts so constructed, as for one to perfect both said purposes, as may best suit the stores in which they are to be used; small bolts for Indian corn meal; fans, for taking out garlic, and common Dutch fans, both made in the neatest and best manner. Likewise all other kinds of wire work for standing shoe and shoot screens, wire sieves and riddles of all degrees of fineness, and short cloths for millers. Those that please to favour him with their orders, may depend on their work being done with care, and the greatest dispatch, and the work warranted, and that he his not pretending to perform that which he has not, in a great number of instances, given the utmost satisfaction having had long experience in the use of them, and made upwards of thirty rolling screens for wheat, and upwards of fifty for flaxseed.

Credit: Pennsylvania Gazette, July 27, 1769.
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