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Jeffery Amherst and Henry Bouquet on using Smallpox as a Weapon, July, 1763.

Bouquet to Amherst, 23 June 1763

... Captain Ecuyer writes me that Fort Pitt is in good state of defence against all attempts from Savages, who are daily firing upon the Fort; unluckily the Small Pox has broke out in the garrison, for which he has built an Hospital under the Draw Bridge to prevent the Spreading of that distemper...

Amherst Memorandum [enclosured in letter to Bouquet, 7 July 1763]

Could it not be contrived to Send the Small Pox among those Disaffected Tribes of Indians? We must, on this occasion, Use Every Strategem in our power to Reduce them.

Bouquet to Amherst, 13 July 1763

... P.S. I will try to inoculate the [Indians] with Some Blankets that may fall in their Hands, and take Care not to get the disease myself.

As it is pity to expose good men against them I wish we would make use of the Spanish Method to hunt them with English Dogs, supported by Rangers and Some Light Horse, who I think effectualy extirpate or remove that Vermin.

Amherst Memorandum [enclosed as a postscript in letter to Bouquet, 16 July 1763]

You will Do well to try to Innoculate the Indians, by means of Blankets, as well as to Try Every other Method, that can Serve to Extirpate this Execrable Race. – I should be very glad [if] your Scheme for Hunting them down by Dogs could take Effect; but England is at too great a Distance to think that at present.

Credit: Library of Congress
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