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Original Document
Excerpts from Pennsylvania Act No. 610 for the Regulation and Continuance of a System of Education by Common Schools, 1854.

VI: General Powers and Duties of the Director

Section 23. That the board of directors of every district, and controllers in cities and boroughs, under the provisions of section second, shall possess and exercise the following powers and perform the following duties, together with the other powers and duties given and enjoined by this act:

They shall establish a sufficient number of common schools for the education of every individual above the age of five and under twenty-one years, in their respective districts, who may apply for admission and instruction, either in person or by parent, guardian, or next friend. …

Section 24. That the directors or controllers of the several districts of the State, are hereby authorized and required to establish within their respective districts, separate schools for the tuition of negro and mulatto children, whenever such schools can be so located as to accommodate twenty or more pupils; and whenever such separate schools shall be established, and kept open for four months in any year, the directors or controllers shall not be compelled to admit such pupils into any others schools of the district: Provided, That in cities or boroughs, the board of controllers shall provide for such schools out of the general funds assessed and collected by uniform taxation for educational purposes.

Credit: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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