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An Indian Warning about the British Occupation of the Forks of Ohio

Christian Frederick Post was a Moravian missionary who helped the Pennsylvania government negotiate peace with the Ohio Indians in 1758. His work played an important role in convincing the western Delawares to abandon the French as Forbes neared Fort Duquesne. While Post spread word of the Easton Treaty among the Ohio Indians, he heard this prophetic warning from one of their chiefs.

"Ketiushund, a noted Indian, one of the chief consellors, told us in secret, "That all the nations had jointly agreed to defend their hunting place at Alleghenny, and suffer nobody to settle there; and as these Indians are very much inclined to the English interest, so he begged us very much to tell the Governor, General, and all other people not to settle there. And if the English would draw back over the mountain, they would get all the other nations into their interest; but if they staid and settled there, all the nations would be against them; and he was afraid it would be a great war, and never come to a peace again."

I promised to inform the Governor, General, and all other people of it, and repeated my former request to them, not to suffer the French to settle amongst them."

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