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The Bethlehem Bears beat the Gilberton Cadamounts, led by Fritz Pollard, November 22, 1926

Defeat of Strong Gilberton Team Put Locals In Line For Laurels.


"Bye Bye Blackbird," was a popular refrain for the three thousand football enthusiasts on the Bethlehem Fabricators gridiron on Sunday afternoon, after Fritz Pollard, the colored flash and Brown All-American, and his Gilberton team went down to defeat at the hands of the Bethlehem Bears, 9 to 0.

The victory was the third successive win for Bethlehem and gives the Steel City eleven an even chance to annex the Eastern Professional Football League championship. Gilberton had a high powered team and so did Bethlehem and neither asked or gave quarter from the start to the finish.

Hopes Blasted.

On the outcome of the game rested the championship. Gilberton with a victory would have had the title clinched. Bethlehem with a victory would have been on an even par with Lancaster providing the latter club escaped defeat. And in true championship style the teams did battle.

Gilberton had a line of concrete, with Haps Franks, T. Chapman, Charlie Copley and Boslego its stars, while Bethlehem's first line trenches were equally as formidable, with Gaffney and Cannon, at ends, Eastman and Youkonis, tackles, Heath, Slimmer and Rogan, at guards, and the invincible Hymie Goldman holding down the pivot position.

It was a battle from start to finish and one that was decided when Manager Downey, league leading field goal scorer, booted the ball straight as an arrow for the first three points and later when Gooch intercepted a forward pass and with a clear field raced for a touchdown.

No Score in First Half.

The first half ended scoreless, although in the first quarter the Bears threatened. Punts were exchanged frequently, Downey kicking for Bethlehem and Pollard for Gilberton. On these exchanges there was little gain either way. Late in the period the Bears got a break but were unable to profit by it. Gilberton had the ball on her own 30-yard line. Unable to gain Pollard dropped back on fourth down to punt. Gaffney broke through and blocked the kick which Pollard recovered but Gilberton lost the ball on downs on the 20-yard line. A backfield man in motion before the ball was passed earned Bethlehem a five yard penalty. Held for three downs Downey dropped back for a field goal but his effort went short of the mark.

In the second period Gilberton advanced deep into Bethlehem territory. Here a long forward pass was attempted and intercepted by Downey. In the third period Bethlehem took the lead when Downey drop-kicked from the 30-yard line. Pollard made the field goal possible when he again fumbled in Gilberton territory but recovered the ball on his own eight yard line. With thirty yards to go on third down, Pollard punted, Beck returning the kick to Gilberton's 29-yard mark. Three downs had the ball on Gilberton's 20-yard mark and on the fourth down Downey kicked the field goal.

Bears Penalized 25 Yards.

Gilberton threatened early in the final period, when a penalty half the distance to the goal line was good for 25 yards and Gilberton had the ball on Bethlehem's 30-yard mark. Repeated efforts at line bucking and end running failed and the visitors lost the ball on downs. Downey got away a long punt which sailed over Pollard's head and rolled out of bounds on Gilberton's 6-yard line. From there the visitors started a drive which went amiss when Gooch intercepted a pass and raced thirty yards for a touchdown. Downey's attempt to kick the extra point was blocked.

With few minutes more to play GIlberton opened with an aerial attack, completing several passes for substantial gains. Then Pollard broke loose for the only time in the game, but Beck with a great effort made a beautiful tackle and stopped the colored flash when it appeared he had a clear field. The Bears held and a few plays later the game ended.

The line-up:
Gilberton Bethlehem
Franks L. E. Gaffney
Boslego L. T. Youkonis
Copley L. G. Rogan
Sheely C. Goldman
Gallagher R. G. Heath
T, Chapman R. T. Eastman
McDonald R. E. Cannon
Pollard Q. B. Downey
Adams L. H. B. Lewin
J. Chapmam R. H. B. Gooch
Joseph F. B. Beck
Touchdown: Gooch. Field goal: Beck. Substitutions: Levitz for Gaffney. Referee: Wheeler, Haverford. Umpire: Kinney, Trinity. Head linesman: Newell, Penn. Time of periods: 15 minutes.

Credit: Bethlehem Globe Times, November 22, 1926.
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