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Original Document
Inscription on the French Plates Left by the Céloron Expedition in 1749.

In the year 1749, during the Reign of Louis XV., King of France, We Celoron, commander of a detachment sent by Monsieur the Marquis de la Galissoniere, Commander in chief of New France, for the restoration of tranquillity in some villages of Indians of these districts, have buried this Plate at the confluence of the Ohio and Tchadakoin [a tributary of the Allegheny], this 29 July, near the River Ohio, otherwise Beautiful River as a monument of the renewal of possession which We have taken of the said River Ohio and of all those that therein Fall, and of all the Lands on both sides as far as the sources of the Said Rivers, as enjoyed or ought to be enjoyed by the preceding Kings of France and as they therein have maintained themselves by Arms and by Treaties, especially by those of Riswick, of Utrecht and of Aix-la-Chapelle.

Credit: Thomas Jefferson Chapman, The French in the Allegheny Valley (Cleveland: W. W. Williams), 187-88.
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