Original Document
Original Document
"Father Divine's Message," Philadelphia, PA, 1939.

Given While at The Banquet Table Musical Fund Hall,
Eighth and Locust Streets Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sunday, September 3, 1939 A.D.F.D. Time: 5:25 P.M.

Words of the human language are inadequate to explain in full detail the beautiful demonstration in the form of a parade that was held before a beautiful and delicious Banquet was served at the Musical Fund Hall for FATHER, HIS immediate staff and invited guests. Without question, the citizens of Philadelphia witnessed something on this day that they had never seen in all their lives and it was quite evident that they were very happy and appreciated FATHER'S Personal Presence in their City.

Aside from those who traveled to Philadelphia by rail on the sixteen-coach "DIVINE SPECIAL," there were many cars from the various states. The marchers carried beautiful banners, placards and flags representing their conscious conviction Religiously, socially, economically, politically, educationally and otherwise - all of which made a glorious showing and gave information to the Philadelphians as to what we really stand for.

After the parade the masses gathered in the hall, strangers as well as followers, while FATHER served the Banquet before HE went to the Ball Park in North Philadelphia where the great open-air meeting was to be held. A Mr. Weglein, assistant director of safety and his niece were FATHER'S guests at the Table, aside from other invited guests. Before the remarks of Mr. Weglein, FATHER spoke briefly.

PEACE, EVERYONE: I would just like to say at this instance the time for ME is quite well expired. If I have to leave here quite abruptly do not think I AM rude - I have promised to be at the Park around about six o'clock. MY Word is MY Bond.

I would just like to say to our visiting friends - MY custom of serving is a little odd to the general custom of serving a banquet. Everything to ME is always informal. MY custom is, ONE serves all and ALL serve ONE. We pass the food around and each person serves whatsoever he or she cares to eat. You are not obligated to take anything you do not care to eat but you are welcome to take whatsoever you care to eat.

Now we will proceed and those who are not finished eating, you may finish eating, for I may be obliged to leave shortly. I AM due to be at the Park to serve another banquet and then at twelve o'clock midnight, we will be back here to serve another banquet as usual. I thank you!

Time: 5:45 P.M. (FATHER Speaks again as follows:)

PEACE, EVERYONE: At this instance I would just like to say the time seems to be quite well expired, but as it is our custom to invite strangers to speak while it happens that I AM a Stranger apparently here, but we will vice-versa-late it this time. We have in our midst the assistant director of safety, the Honorable Mr. Weglein. I believe he will have a few words to say at least here, as well as going to the Park and then he will speak again. We are always pleased to hear from the different officials and representatives of our City and civic and social Government for which we stand, that we might take on more of the spirit and the nature and the characteristics of GOOD GOVERNMENT, that we might produce and manifest it universally to the children of men! I think the gentleman would like to have a word to say and I AM sure he will speak again at the Park as quickly as we can get there. I thank you!

(Mr. Weglein spoke as follows:)

FATHER DIVINE, MOTHER DIVINE, and all you loyal followers of this great Man. The director of public safety was invited but business took him elsewhere and so he invited me to come here, and it has been a real inspiration to me to see the fervent greetings you accord your Leader!

The inspirational songs you sang here today had me singing. I did not know all the words but I sang anyhow under my breath. I began this afternoon when I had the privilege of being with FATHER DIVINE and those close to HIM, to hear a most uplifting and inspiring Talk from HIM, so that I can well see now why thousands are heeding HIS Voice. And in the midst of wars in Europe, with nations all over the globe arming to destroy one another - it seems almost like a miracle to me that FATHER DIVINE had early years ago adopted the slogan of PEACE! The Word PEACE has a great significance tonight, when the word was said, with embittered nations torn by hate and fury. It turns to us and to our thoughts, that Religion is the only safe and staple thing and those who preach and practice it and live it are the most eminent and prominent citizens we can have. I give my great respects to YOU, FATHER DIVINE, and hope YOU prosper and continue great and marvelous works that have been a marvel to the Country.

Time: 6:10 P.M.

(FATHER Speaks again as follows:)

PEACE, EVERYONE: MY Salutation "PEACE" is most distinctly needed at this particular time while the nations of the earth are now once again on the brink of everlasting woe by the threat and the declaration of war.

If the nations of the earth would but accept of this Message of PEACE such as I AM advocating, we could speak as did the last speaker, the representative of public safety. We could speak universally in the act of our daily activities, for 'actions speak louder than words.' We would speak Safety First in all of our emotions, words, deeds and actions that we might produce and bring to fruition PEACE such as I have actually established.

We enjoyed the representative of public safety, for as we often say - Safety First! What is it that inspires mankind to desire to study and seek safety? Jesus Christ was the SAVIOR and the REDEEMER of men. To those who had been lost in the darkness of sin, as a SAVIOR and a REDEEMER Christ came. Although we may speak safety from an economical point of view, although we may speak it from a legitimate point of view, although we may speak it from a moral point of view - but as I have shown you all conclusively, the safety that you are guaranteed comes through and by your REDEEMER and your SAVIOR!

Hence we highly appreciate anyone legally selected and elected to represent such a great cause. Even though there are those who do not know the sacredness of such an official duty – we do - therefore we cooperate with the officials from the chief executive down to the most insignificant officer, official whichever, who is endeavoring to do his duty.

By this we shall have a Righteous Government and all government universally shall eventually recognize this phenomenon as represented in and among you, for they can see it now. They can see how MY followers are self-respecting, law-making and law-abiding citizens by living honest, competent and true in all of their dealings.

For this cause I have been called to Philadelphia on this particular mission, not by MY followers alone but stressfully and especially by a good many of the officials of this City, that they might also convey the Message of this Truth such as I AM conveying; that the inhabitants of this City might be contagionized with the spirit of honesty, competence and truth such as I have established among you.

The City of New York and the State of New Jersey bear witness of what I AM doing among this people! They recognize MY Actual Presence and I have heard as you all have heard - the majority of you who are from New York City - that the high officials of the City and State Government, they are declaring, MY Work among the common people and among all people has more effect on humanity in the changing of their character and saving them from vice and from crime as a preventative, than all of the city Government itself! Now is not this something to consider? It is an expression transcending the imagination of the children of men, for -

"It is not by power nor by might but by MY SPIRIT."

Therefore MY Spirit will, and MY Spirit has, and MY Spirit will continue to do it and none shall hinder IT!

How glorious it will be when all civilization shall have been spiritualized and shall recognize the REDEEMER and the SAVIOR of men even as these of MY following! Then any part of our civic or social work for the up building of humanity, for their protection and safeguard against disappointment, accidents and sickness and diseases and all sorts of contagions - I AM willing and ready to help cleanse our cities, states and country of such contagions that have corrupted this people and debauched them with vice and crime and sin of every kind by lowering the morals and the morale of this people and causing them even in high places to commit such crimes as could not or would not have been imagined a few years ago!

There are many things I could say but time will not permit at this particular instance. It is time for ME to be traveling on to some other place to convey the Message and to cause others to enjoy this Presence, insignificant as it may be, for not only the Impersonal Presence as observed by the believers - but those who are true and faithful can observe this Personal insignificant Presence. The Personal Presence may apparently be most insignificant but those who are true and faithful transcend the Personality in observation and understand GOD'S Actual Presence as the REDEEMER and the SAVIOR of all humanity and as a real EMANCIPATOR for those who are in bondage - those who are in lacks and wants and limitations and for those who are living and experiencing all sorts of undesirable conditions.

Now just look over this audience as a matter of course such as we are daily experiencing. I would like to say to our strangers, those who do not know - as it is here now, so it is in all of MY audiences and at every banquet where I serve the banquets daily. They deem it to be a blessing. They do not merely say,

"LORD, make us truly thankful for the blessings we are about to receive,"

but they say it with the spirit of sincerity in the actuated words of expression by serving GOD wholeheartedly! They are receiving blessings beyond measure, beyond their reason to think or ask. Therefore the tables are bountifully supplied until their souls and their physical bodies are perfectly satisfied. Thank you! I thank you! I thank you!

Credit: The New Day, September 14, 1939, A.D.F.D.
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