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Library of Congress: American Memory

American Memory of the Library of Congress holds a large digital collection of primary sources on the Civil War, from music and written documents to photographs and maps.

The Valley of Shadow: Two Communities in the Civil War

This website is a project which is part of the Virginia Center of Digital History at the University of Virginia. It was an excellent source for this project. It provides a variety of wonderful primary sources from Augusta County, Virginia and Franklin County, Pennsylvania from the time of John Brown's Raid through the era of Reconstruction. Examples of primary sources available include newspapers, diaries, letters, photographs, maps, census material, etc. The site includes a map for ease of navigation.

Virginia Military Institute Archives: Civil War Resources

In order for students to get a better understanding of the southern experience of General Hunter's raids, the lesson used two primary documents from this archive's Civil War collection. The first was a letter written by Fannie Wilson (16 yrs. old) to her father describing in detail her experience of Hunter's raid on Lexington. The second was a letter a Union soldier, Sidney Marlin, wrote to his wife regarding the burning of Virginia Military Institute.

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