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Conserving Pennsylvania Resources: New Deal Programs
Background Information for Teachers

For more information on the two New Deal Programs:

Civilian Conservation Corps – see markerCivilian Conservation Corps Historical Marker Page.
Federal Art Program in Pennsylvania – Refer to Student Handout 2-Interview of Richard Hood-Federal Art Program in the Teacher Resource section of this lesson.

These websites are particularly helpful as well:

Web Sites

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

The FDR library contains excellent primary resource documents and photographs from the New Deal Era. An easy search method is by keyword.

New Deal Network: The Great Depression, the 1930s, and the Roosevelt Administration

This website is a great resource, offering lesson plans for middle and high school levels, as well as informative research links.

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, "Pennsylvanian Civilian Conservation Corps"

This website by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources offers wonderful material about the Civilian Conservation Corps in Pennsylvania. It includes a tracking system to find people by their names, company, or camps. It also provides primary sources (photographs, letters, documents), museums, and lists state parks on the National Register of Historic Places.

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