Teach PA History
Daily Life in Pennsylvania's Historic Cloistered Religious Communities
Assessment Strategies

Assessment Rubric






Student Worksheet 1

Correctly answered all questions and gave an insightful answer to the tenth question.

Correctly answered all of the nine questions.

Correctly answered seven of the nine questions.

Found answers for only half of the questions.

Student Worksheet 2

In addition to placing all "Rules correctly, the essay was a concise summary of Beissel's thoughts on the topic selected.

Correctly placed all of the "Rules into the proper categories.

Correctly placed 70% of the "Rules into the proper categories.

Correctly placed less than half of the "Rules into the proper categories.

Student Worksheet 3

The titles selected were insightful and the scenes were well drawn and directly related to the lives presented in the memoirs.

The titles were tied directly to the lives portrayed and the scenes represented important events in the lives of the three women in the memoirs.

The titles selected were appropriate and the scenes relevant.

The titles selected did not reflect the memoirs and the scenes were either not done or not related directly to the main ideas of the memoir.

Student Worksheet 4

Answered all questions correctly and backed answers with evidence from the 1766 Community Plan.

Gave complete answers to all questions and provided some supporting details.

Correctly answered 70% of the questions.

Correctly answered less than half of the questions.


Wrote interesting stories that were well researched. Showed initiative and played a leadership role within the work group

Wrote stories based upon research and worked productively with other group members.

Did some research for the article written. Also, was able to interact positively with the work group

Contributed little to the group effort with no evidence of research to back the newspaper articles written.







Final Grade:_______

Total Score: (1-4)____



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