Teach PA History
Daily Life in Pennsylvania's Historic Cloistered Religious Communities

Teachers should consider taking a class trip to one of the three religious communities presented in this lesson. One is located in western Pennsylvania (Harmony/Economy) with the other two in the eastern part of the state (Ephrata Cloister and Bethlehem). Rather than burden the students with a multitude of factual questions to answer on the visit, require a follow-up essay that calls for conclusions. A suggested title for a 200 word essay is: "_________ Religious Community Was a Significant Part of Our History."

Field Trips

Ephrata Cloister
632 West Main Street
Ephrata, PA 17522
Telephone: 717-733-6600 ext. 3001
Visitor Services Manager
717-733-6600 ext. 3001

Historic Harmony
Harmony, PA, the first settlement of the Harmony Society, is located in Butler County, 18 miles north of Old Economy, Exit 27 of I-79.

218 Mercer Street
P.O. Box 524
Harmony, PA 16037
(888) 821-4822/412 452-7341

Old Economy Village
14th and Church Streets
Ambridge, Pennsylvania 15003-2298
Telephone (724) 266-4500
To schedule special group tours or school tours, call (724) 266-1803, Harmonie Associates Inc.

The Moravian Museum at Bethlehem
66 West Church Street
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Open Tuesday-Saturday 1-4 p.m.
Other hours by appointment.
Phone (610) 867-0173

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