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Our Eye in the Sky: The TIROS Weather Satellite
Assessment Strategies

This lesson offers assessment for many different types of learning activities. To understand the different functions of a satellite, students should participate in class discussion, image analysis, and handout reading. There are three student worksheets, each with corresponding teacher guides–which assess different activities. In Student Worksheet 1-The Historical Context of TIROS students are required to place the launching of the first weather satellite into context of Cold War events. Student Worksheet 2-The First Weather Satellite asks students to read and comprehend information regarding the creation of TIROS. And Student Worksheet 3-Satellite Venn Diagram gives students the opportunity to hone their skills of internet research, image interpretation, and compare/contrast analysis. The final writing exercise provides a focus to synthesize the materials they are been learning. Below you can find the assessment for the writing assignment using the "R.A.F.T." technique.

Grading Rubrics

Rubric 1: RAFT Rubric

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