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The Missing Piece: A Tale of a Tail
Assessment Strategies

In this lesson a variety of learning methods are assessed through different worksheet activities. In Student Worksheet 1-The Missing Piece, students are asked to look at their methodology and logic of completing a puzzle. Students learn new terminology from deciphering image clues in Student Worksheet 2-Historical and Scientific Experts. Student Worksheet 3-Joseph Leidy with Bone hones observation, interpretation, and analysis skills. Student Worksheet 4-Which End is the Tail? provides students the opportunity to compare and contrast images, to use deductive logic, and to communicate reasoning through writing. Student Worksheet 5-Solving the Dinosaur Mystery offers students the chance to demonstrate their reading comprehension level and to apply previous and new knowledge in responses. And, the culminating activity, Student Worksheet 6-Publishing Your Findings, asks students to synthesize the materials they have been learning and to communicate their knowledge through a letter writing assignment. All Student Worksheets have corresponding Teacher Guides with the exception of Student Worksheet 6-Publish Your Findings. This activity can be assessed using the rubric below:

Grading Rubrics

Rubric 1: Assessment Rubric

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