Teach PA History
From Rags to (Paper) Riches: Explore Colonial Papermaking
Assessment Strategies

Assessment strategies Students work in cooperative groups and individually throughout this lesson. There are several opportunities for teachers to assess student progress. Student work on Student Worksheet 1-Understanding Poems about Papermaking requires critical thinking based on students" reading of historical texts. Students will learn facts during the debriefing about the papermaking techniques William Rittenhouse used, so any thoughts they write or discuss prior to teacher input should only be assessed in light of how reasonably they apply critical thinking skills. The teacher should observe students" cooperative work and group discussion to informally assess their analytical thinking. Student work on Student Worksheet 2-Comparison and Contrast of Papermaking Methods is also a critical thinking exercise in which students compare and contrast their classroom experience of making paper with the colonial method about which they learned. Students fill out a Venn Diagram to organize their thinking.

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