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Dear Mrs. Roosevelt
Assessment Strategies

Were students able to identify the concerns of children during the Great Depression? (Examples: poverty, lack of clothing, transportation to school) Did students engage in interpreting photographs presented in class? Were they able to understand some of the short and long-term solutions to these problems? (Examples: FDR's "New Deal", Norvelt housing project, providing clothing, etc.) Did students work well in group and share information effectively? For assessment of Student Worksheet 1–Analyzing the Letter and Student Worksheet 2–Data Collection Sheet, see corresponding Teacher Guides in the Teacher Resource section: Teacher Guide to Student Worksheet 1–Analyzing the Letter Teacher Guide to Student Worksheet 2–Data Collection Sheet For the final activity of writing a letter response from Eleanor Roosevelt's perspective, see the rubric link below:

Grading Rubrics

Rubric 1: Assessment Rubric for Letter Response

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