Teach PA History
Life in a Coal Patch
Assessment Strategies

This lesson provides a variety of opportunities for formal and informal assessment:

  • Was the student able to interpret the primary resources about daily life at a bituminous coal patch? For assessment see Teacher Guide to Student Worksheet 1-6 in the Teacher Resource section.

  • Were students able to summarize the material by creating theme sentences? See last question of each worksheet or class poster contribution.

  • Did the class work well together in creating a "Life in the Coal Patch" poster? (group work)

  • Did the student incorporate a quote pertaining to a miner's strike or incident and develop a creative story synthesizing the material about daily life in a coal patch? The stories will be evaluated for content, use of the real incident, details of at least three areas of coal patch life, and writing mechanics (grammar, spelling). Use the assessment rubric provided below.

Grading Rubrics

Rubric 1: Bituminous Coal Rubric

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