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Edible Coal Mining
Assessment Strategies

There are several opportunities for informal and formal assessment in this lesson. When assessing the lesson keep in mind these student objectives: Students will be able to:

  1. Identify the uses and importance of bituminous coal.

  2. Model different coal extraction techniques.

  3. Identify types of coal mines used based on geological formations and coal seam locations.

Class discussion:

  • Did your students gain an appreciation for the variety of uses and importance of bituminous coal?

  • Were students able to recall aspects of different mining techniques and participate in end of the class discussion? (Day One)

  • Was the class identifying models correctly and being respectful of others in the final discussion?

  • Were they polite listeners?

  • Did they participate?

Reading Comprehension:

  • Were your students able to read Student Worksheet 1 and comprehend mining extraction techniques?

  • Were they able to isolate sections dealing with the topography and location of coal?

Class activities:

  • Could students accurately associate images to the diagram of mining methods?

  • Could students create a model of their coal mining term recognizable to their peers?

Student Worksheets:

  • Student Worksheet 1-Basics of Mining: Were students able to isolate and highlight specified sections? See Teacher Guide to Student Worksheet 1-Basics of Mining in Teacher Reference section.

  • Student Worksheet 2-Edible Coal Mining Activity -Does the student show an understanding of his/her mining term's definition and associated landform, provide evidence of thoughtful planning skills, and use creativity in building materials? Does the student work well with his/her partner to complete the worksheet?

  • Student Worksheet 3-Identifying the Creations Was the student able to correctly match the term with the student-prepared model? Were the creators of the model able to speak about the creation with clear intentions and detailed understanding?

Group work:

  • Did students work well in pairs?

  • Were they respectful of others work?

  • Did they leave their work stations clean?

For assessment of the edible mining assignment see the assessment rubric below:

Grading Rubrics

Rubric 1: Coal Rubric

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