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To Be or Not to Be: A Marriage of Civil War Descendants
Assessment Strategies

An assessment rubric is provided for persuasive writing assignment in this lesson. In addition, there are teacher guides to accompany each student worksheet (1-7). You may, however, wish to assess other student activities and skills as well. For instance: How well did the student participate in initial class discussion–both listening and speaking skills? In reading out loud Student Handout 1-The Burning of Chambersburg, how was the student's reading fluency? How well did the student summarize the beyond the marker page into a historical marker text? Did characters of the play show an understanding of their part and use dramatic skills to enact their dialogue? Did the student properly fill out Student Worksheet 8-Recording of Play Perspectives? The following is a guide for assessment: Teacher Guide to Student Worksheet 8 - Pastor Recording of Play Perspectives

Grading Rubrics

Rubric 1: Persuasive Writing Assignment Rubric

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