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Whoo-oo! Whoo-oo!

Take your students out to the playground. Direct them to line up as short trains. The lead student will give the whistle/horn blasts, and the "train" will interpret them. The purpose is to move the "train" uniformly, all "cars" at once, and with no "wrecks". Create a railroad safety booklet for children to use. Provide basic rules and illustrations if appropriate.

Field Trips

Johnstown Flood Museum
The Johnstown Flood Museum would be an interesting field trip opportunity for your class. The museum holds a multimedia map (with sound and lighting effects) showing the route of the flood waters on May 31, 1889. This multimedia map would bring to life the map used during the story Student Handout 1: Whistle Broke Into a Scream. In addition the museum offers personal artifacts of Flood Victims as well as interpretation of other aspects of the event–South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, media coverage of the event, and recovery efforts.
304 Washington Street
Johnstown, PA 15906
(814) 539-1889

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania holds one of the most significant railroad collections in the world. It also has a wonderful education department with teacher materials aligned with Pennsylvania Standards available for all grade levels. A Guide to Education Programs is available online in PDF format. It includes information on services such as guided walking tours, workshops, outreach programs (classroom demonstrations–e.g. portable LEGO train layout to demonstrate basic railroad concepts), workshops, and special programs (distance learning, field trips for teachers only, etc.). Note one of the electronic fieldtrips is entitled Safety, Trains and You (Railroad Safety and Practices). For more information call Patrick Morrison at (717) 687-8628 ext. 3025.
300 Gap Road
Strasburg, PA 17579

Strasburg Railroad
This would be a perfect addition to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Students could enjoy a train ride on the Strasburg Railroad. Reference the schedule and activities page to see the complete variety of options. Students could operate a pump car, visit the switch tower, ride an open-air train, or–for the younger ones–spend the day with Thomas the Tank Engine. For group and student information call (717) 687-8421.
Route 741, East of Strasburg
Strasburg, PA 17579-0096

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