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Railroad Advertising: Let's Go For a Ride!
Assessment Strategies

To assess Student Worksheets 1-4, use Teacher Guides 1-4 for reference. The final class assignment of creating a modern advertisement for railroad travel can be assessed using Rubric 1: Advertising Railroads Today as a tool. You may wish to assess student performance on additional components of the lesson as well. These include: Class participation: When looking at the Modern Amtrak advertisement, did the student volunteer to answer some of the exploratory questions? Was the student's attention focused on the questions given to the class? Did the student listen to classmates" answers quietly and respectfully? Team group participation: Did the student work cooperatively with his/her group? Did he/she participate individually? Did he/she listen to others' comments respectfully? Did the student volunteer to be the group's spokesperson? Creative writing: Consider risk taking element. Did the student choose to create the travel brochure–which would involve more creative writing–or did he/she choose an easier task, such as the postcard?

Grading Rubrics

Rubric 1: Advertising Assessment

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