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Railroad Advertising: Let's Go For a Ride!

1. Ask students if the advertisements used during the early twentieth century are appropriate over one hundred years later. Postcards, for instance, might not be the most effective advertising technique to reach people today. What other types of advertising techniques are used in today's society [TV ads, movie trailers, internet promotions, etc.] Have students create a promotional plan for the railroad today. 2. Provide a brief overview of the artist Griffith (Grif) Harold Teller. Discuss the role of calendar art and the artwork of Grif Teller. Background may be obtained from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Students may compare and contrast additional Griffith Teller calendar art with black and white photographs of the same area. The Teller artwork may be found in this lesson. Crossroads of Commerce and Conway Yard are included with their photographs for further analysis. Have students identify further ways in which Teller romanticized trains in his art. 3. Explore the ways in which advertising does not always represent "the truth." Advertising campaigns may sometimes skirt the facts and yet be extremely effective. A fine example would be the fascinating railroad advertising campaign of The Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad at the beginning of the 20th century. "Phoebe Snow" became the image most associated with the railroad. You may find additional postcards at the following weblinks: Phoebe Snow-New Jersey Railroad Information and The Tubes and Phoebe Snow.

Field Trips

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania holds one of the most significant railroad collections in the world. It also has a wonderful education department with teacher materials aligned with Pennsylvania Standards available for all grade levels. A Guide to Education Programs is available online in PDF format. It includes information on services such as guided walking tours, workshops, outreach programs, workshops, and special programs (distance learning, field trips for teachers only, etc.).
For more information call Patrick Morrison at (717) 687-8628 ext. 3025.

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