Teach PA History
A Shot in the Backwoods of Pennsylvania Sets the World Afire
Assessment Strategies

1. Have students create a letter from the British point of view for Washington to carry to Ft. LeBoeuf. Their letter should encompass the claims that the British had to the Ohio Territory and demonstrate an understanding of diplomatic language. 2. Have students create a letter from the French to the British refuting their claims. Compare these letters when completed to the actual letters. Have students evaluate the possible effects of their letters upon the situation. Have they captured the important historical facts that existed? 3. Have students create a timeline showing important events in Washington's expeditions to Western Pennsylvania in 1753-54. Show import events that led up to Washington's expeditions and what occurred as a result of these visits. 4. Let students compose letters from Washington to the Gov. of Virginia describing the affair at Jumonville's Glen. A letter from the Frenchman who escaped the skirmish to his commander, detailing what occurred.

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