Teach PA History
A Shot in the Backwoods of Pennsylvania Sets the World Afire

1. Create a postage stamp commemorating the diplomatic visit of Washington to the French Commander at Ft. LeBoeuf. 2. Create a commemorative coin, plaque or marker that recalls early visits to Ft. LeBoeuf or Pittsburgh. 3. Design and create a new Pennsylvania historical marker to commemorate the Jumonville Affair. 4. Design a website for tourists who want to visit the sites of Washington's first excursions into Western Pennsylvania. 5. Write and present a dramatic presentation on events that occurred at Ft. LeBoeuf. 6. Build a model or diagram of Fort Necessity or Fort LeBoeuf.

Field Trips

Fort LeBoeuf Museum
Waterford, PA

Fort Necessity Nat'l Battlefield
Uniontown, PA

Fort Pitt Museum
101 Commonwealth Place
Point State Park
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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